Ogawa Smart 3D – The Real Luxury

Ogawa Smart 3D

The Ogawa Smart 3D is a luxury massage chair that gets more done using less energy. Ogawa incorporated multiple never-seen before technologies in this chair, making it the chair to get if your desire is to experience the ultimate massage chair lifestyle. The design concept for the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair is where the wins for this chair begin. The slick, contemporary curvy shape of the chair gives it a polished, modern look. The frame is well constructed so that each bit fits into the adjacent part. Soft but strong synthetic leather is used to make the covering. A material that does not stain or get worn out easily, this leatherette will ensure your chair stays clean and new-looking over the years.

The Ogawa Smart 3D gets its name from the Smart 3D Roller Technology behind the chair’s massages. The interactive dual-head 3D rollers allow you o adjust the depth of the massage by up to 3 inches. Instead of the rollers simply roving on the top surface of your skin, you can adjust the depth so that they are able to reach further below and deliver a deep tissue massage. The Smart 3D roller technology offers six intensity levels and works in a combination of six massage techniques. Body scan technology is integrated into the system to properly position the rollers in readiness to give a massage that is appropriate for your body. This happens as soon as you sit on the chair. The rollers analyze and memorize the shape of your spine and your height from the shoulders to the lower back. They then customize their movement and stroke length to suit your body type.

The roller massage mechanism works in collaboration with an air compression system to make the massages intense and thorough. The air compression mechanism consists of 64 air bags spread throughout the chair. It’s a dual-purpose system that contracts and expands tissue to provide tension relief in muscles while also lifting and reposition your body in a stretching motion. The chair applies the Thai stretching technique to the entire body, a method that uses stretching, pulling, compression and rocking movements to boost circulation and promote healing to torn muscles. Smart 3D also uses heat and vibration in the lower lumbar region to relieve tension and pain in the back and relax the back muscles. The vibrating sensation aids in stimulating, detoxifying and relaxing the surface tissue.

The Ogawa Smart 3D is among the few, quiet massage chairs available. Ogawa uses sophisticated, quiet air pump to make this possible. The chair will run quietly and people engaged in other activities nearby can carry on without any disruptions. The zero gravity recline gives you two levels of zero gravity recline. Both levels offer complete relaxation by taking the pressure off your back so you feel weightless as you lie on the chair. There are tons of enhanced technological features thrown in, such as quick touch controls with USB, touch screen navigation center, and an entertainment system with sound, Bluetooth compatibility and a USB port.

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