Ogawa iModa – The Perfect First Time Massage Chair

Ogawa Imoda

Long hours at a desk, hours spent out in the garden, driving intermittently all through the day, or crisscrossing the city in business dealings or personal errands can all leave you feeling exhausted to the point of collapsing. Lots of folks deal with this pressure by booking regular spa sessions. It’s amazing what a simple massage can do to the body, mind and soul. The problem with massage center operations is that they do not operate on your terms. They have opening and closing hours. And if you want to extend your massage session for however long, you have to pay extra for it. That’s just the way it goes. It’s a business. The owners have to make money but they also have to take time-off from work if they are to stay in an optimal state of wellness themselves. Should you pass by your favorite spa for a last minute massage and find it closed for the closed, you’ll have no choice but to 1) Try and find another open massage parlor or 2) Go home and hope to enjoy a massage at a later date.

But if you had your own massage chair you wouldn’t be limited in any way. You’d be able to enjoy your massages on-demand; whenever you need them, for as long as you need them. Best of all, the chair is yours to use at a location you’re comfortable in. for many people, this means home. Place it in your bedroom, living room, garage, home office or anyone else you wish. As long as you have the space, your massage chair is happy to be home. One of the chairs worth considering is the Ogawa iModa. A full body massage chair from a leading brand in the industry, the iModa is perfect for first time massage chair buyers because of its simple design and ease-of-use. Ogawa appropriately calls it a massage sofa, and rightly so. The iModa feels like a cozy compact sofa, only it does a lot more than offer comfortable sitting space.

Enjoy pressure-point targeted massages from any of the automatic massage programs available in the chair. These are offered in four major types: energy boost massage, active boost massage, flexibility boost massage and hip-shaping boost massage. Each mode uses particular massage techniques and movements to deliver specific results. The Energy Boost Massage mode uses a combination of kneading and rolling movements to increase the body’s vitality. Active Boost Massage mode reduces muscle cramps and tension and works to improve poor posture. Flexibility Boost Massage mode uses stretching movements to relax fatigued muscles and improve flexibility. The Hip-shaping Boost Massage mode works in oscillating tapping and Tui Na movements to tone the hips and relieve tired muscles.

The iModa massage roller track takes the L-shape and encompasses the entire trunk to give powerful, intense massages. The longer track of the rollers is able to reach all the way to the hips, taking the back and waist in its fold. The rollers use longer strokes to cover up to 80cm of body area, from the upper back to the hips.

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