Ogawa Active SuperTrac

Ogawa Active SuperTrac

Ogawa is among the best massage chair brands in the world. Despite being a Japanese brand, it is very perceived and received in the USs and other parts of the world, and this has seen it enjoy tremendous success with all its products. The fact that the company that the company genuinely stays reachable has also played a part in boosting the trust of its customers. If you’re yet to have a taste of Ogawa’s fine engineering, perhaps you may want to get introduced via the Ogawa Active SuperTrac. This chair was among the first massage chairs to use the S-shaped type of roller track. As a result, many who bought it immediately it was released to the public had nothing but good things to say about it. Those who had previously used massage chairs with the L-track noticed what a difference the S-track made and made sure to spread the word. The impressive reviews continue to follow this chair to date.

The S-track in the Ogawa Active SuperTrac gave this model its name. Ogawa named the track used in the chair SuperTrac. The technology behind it is the brand’s own Smart Curve technology, which precisely mimics the S shape of your spine and back. Because the rollers follow a path that is naturally aligned to the spine, they are able to reach all parts of your back, even the notorious hard-to-reach zones that are often neglected during massage. The S-track works just as effectively in the upright position as in the lie-down position. In the upright position, the S-track is able to navigate the rollers from the neck to the tailbone. When you’ve lain back on the chair, the rollers go all the way to your glutes, massaging the lower back, buttocks and hips. The Active SuperTrac rollers are only 2D, but the SuperTrac makes them more efficient. If anything, they feel as good as any 3D rollers.

To give comprehensive massages, Ogawa Active SuperTrac massage chair uses a combination of rollers and air bags to deliver its massages. It has 56 air bags spread throughout the chair. The air bags are multi-layered for greater impact and specifically target the arms, hands, shoulders, waist, seat (buttocks), legs, calves and feet. The foot rest is one of the most special components in the Active SuperTrac. It is kitted out with deep kneading foot rollers which perform reflexology on the underfoot while the air compression (via air bags) squeezes away the tension to leave your feet refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac comes with 9 preset massage programs. All use a combination of rollers, air compression, vibration and numerous massage techniques to deliver predetermined massage patterns. The auto programs prove to be handy when one is in a rush and doesn’t have time to fiddle with settings. Also available are two stretching programs which work by lengthening, stretching and reviving tight muscles in your back and legs. The chair gives plenty of manual massage combinations too, an option that is ideal for when you want a customized massage.

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