Furnishing Your Kid’s Room

kids furniture

The period before kids get all grown up and begin to have a say on everything is precious for many parents. It’s the only time the parents can do all those lovely things they’d dreamed of for their kids, and the kids will scream and jump in gleeful pleasure at the attention. No eye-rolling or any of those “I’m not a kid any more, mum” or “I can do my own shopping” statements. Just pure, heartfelt, kids’ delight. Make the most of it and create a lifetime of memories while at it with cool kids’ furniture. Think about it. It’s the only thing they constantly use in the house, whether they’re playing, eating, doing homework, making crafts, sleeping or grooming. They need the right kind of furniture to make all these processes simpler for them.

Buying kids’ furniture is not something you’re going to be doing every now and then. Choose correctly and the furniture you buy now will take them through their childhood. You’ll only upgrade the furniture once they begin transitioning into teenage and adulthood. This is partly because of the superior quality of this furniture. With good handling, there is no reason why that bed or chair you’re buying shouldn’t be used until the child turns twelve or more years. There are different categories of kids’ furniture. How much furniture you end up buying will depend on your budget and what you feel is necessary for your child. What one parent considers a necessity may not be so for you and vice versa so make your purchase as individualized and specific to your child’s needs as possible.

Play furniture
This includes everything from play houses and doll houses to swings, mini-trains and everything else your child uses for recreation. Kids’ play furniture is made to extremely high safety standards as the primary aim is to keep kids safe even as they play and have fun. Ensure optimal safety for your little ones by choosing age-appropriate furniture for them each time. Otherwise if the furniture is too big for their small bodies, they may end up unintentionally hurting themselves during play.

It’s also important to inspect each item before purchase to ascertain that there are no structural hazards larking in there somewhere. While the relevant standards bodies and authorities take measures to ensure that all kids’ furniture released to the market is safe, mishaps do happen during transportation, packing, storage and even handling by store staff. Items may break, come loose or otherwise be rendered unsafe as a result. Doing a thorough inspection will expose any broken pieces that can cut or prick the child or rickety and loose joints that can accidentally pinch the child’s body parts.

Kid’s furniture in the kitchen, dining and living room
As much as your little boy or girl may feel big enough to share the dining table with everyone else, their tiny body really doesn’t allow them to sit on the standard dining chairs. A high table and chair for the toddlers will hold them snugly and comfortably at an appropriate height, ensuring they’re part of the family mealtimes. If you regularly use the kitchen island, you can have special adjustable stools around the island, which can be raised to a suitable height for each child during use. In the living room, you can all curl up and cuddle on the sofa. No need for special seats for the little ones here. But it does help to keep a rocking chair in the room, in case there’s a child that needs to be lulled to sleep.

Kids’ study furniture
This is defined by a study desk and chair, and a bookcase. Choose a chair that’s comfortable enough such that even if the child wants to sit in the chair for long periods, they’ll not suffer sore backs and behinds. A desk with some storage for their study material is ideal. But if you come across a lovely desk with no storage, you shouldn’t abandon it. You can have a bookshelf fixed or add a bookcase to provide the necessary storage. Your kids’ study furniture can go into a dedicated study room if you have one in the house. If there’s none, you can add it to their bedroom or a corner of the living room, depending on where they’re more comfortable doing their studies.

Kids’ bedroom furniture
The bulk of kids’ furniture will, without a doubt, find its way to the bedroom. It includes the bed, dresser, wardrobe, bedside tables or nightstands and storage furniture. You may buy your kids’ bedroom furniture as a set or in single units. A set comes with the bed, dresser, and wardrobe bundled together and will save you the hassle of finding suitable units to match with whatever other furniture you’ve already picked. Opting to buy each unit separately may be more time consuming as you’ll spend more time looking at different designs. But it’s also fun to do, especially when you’re arguing which items, between the ones you want and the ones your little ones want, to keep. It will also awaken your inner decorating guru as you work towards getting all the different pieces to blend in the room.

Kid’s beds come in different types, among them bunk beds, loft beds, futon bunk beds, cabin beds, bookcase beds, storage beds and novelty beds. Consider how much space you have in the room and the child’s age when choosing a bed, as some designs are appropriate for bigger rooms and taller or older children. At their age, kids require loads of storage space, and you may find yourself considering foregoing the dresser, for example, to pick extra storage furniture. It’s absolutely in order. Work with what meets your child’s needs best.

Buying kids’ furniture is plenty of fun whether you’re doing it alone or in the company of your little kings and queens. Choosing from all the fancy shapes, designs and colours, and then going ahead to arrange everything in the kids’ room is something you can do over and over.

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